Takes time-out in favor of strengthening the future of SALSS 2017 and on!

SALSS 2016

"SALSS is about building relationship, developing friendship and capitalizing on network. When business people become friends, they start doing business together"

(Barbro C. Ehnbom, Founder & Chairman, Swedish-American Life Science Summit)

Stockholm, 19th May, 2016

Dear SALSS family!

After more than a decade of ever growing influence in the overall global life science market, last year's summit capped our high ambition of making each year's SALSS the best ever..! Over the years, our roster of speakers coming to Sweden has been outstanding with a fantastic mix of Nobel laurates, big pharma CEO's, academia and business. The program for last year featured among others Hans Rosling, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Hans Wigzell, Kristin Pothier, Alexander von Gabain, Bill Haseltine, Rino Rappuoli and Annika Falkengren. It can be noted that our exclusive decision-makers-only summit never pays speaker fees but relies on its top reputation among peers worldwide and its unique business opportunities.

Our format has stayed the same with a three-day intense program taking place in Stockholm at the end of August, with speeches, presentations, panels, lunches, dinners, workshops, receptions and music, all to enlighten and enhance business opportunities. Swedish-American Life Science Summit has become important not only as a scientific and business generating focus in itself but very much to the Swedish life science industry. However, SALSS in its current format has been made possible more on enthusiasm than a much needed strong financial base. In light of this and in order to best prepare for a continuous successful decade of this summit and the untapped resources that our extraordinary network represents, I would like us to take time out to evaluate how to secure and preserve but yet advance SALSS with regard to its financing, organization, format and communication. I count on your interest and input to do this and very much look forward to building on what we have accomplished together over the years. For planning purpose, we will not do SALSS 2016 this coming August but rather implement the next SALSS in 2017 , exact date to be announced.

We will call upon our core supporters for a brainstorming meeting at the end of the summer, first in Stockholm and then later this fall in New York. My personal intention is to make SALSS a continuous pristine top professional vehicle run by a permanent staff that can fully help expand the scientific and commercial scope of its unique network. We need to make it a solid platform for global life science with a firm Swedish base.

I certainly welcome your input and count on your continuous support!


SALSS 2016

Barbro C. Ehnbom
Founder & Chairman

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Impressions from SALSS 2015

"The Swedish American Life Science Summit (SALSS) has proven to be a very important event where high level stake holders from the life science sector get a unique opportunity to get together. SALSS provides a meeting place for world leading scientists, policy makers and industry representatives to interact and establish new partnerships in order to develop innovative solutions to combat serious diseases and contribute to sustainable growth."
(Dr. Johanna Adami, Director & Head of Health Division, VINNOVA )

"This was my first meeting and I really enjoyed it. It was a unique opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds in life sciences and I learned a lot from many of them. I admire what you are doing for your country, for women and for helping to translate science into business useful for mankind."
(Rino Rappuoli, Chief Scientist, GSK Vaccines)

"S? roligt att f? tr?ffa och ha er alla p? middag,jag ?r djupt imponerad ?ver det idoga arbete du l?gger ner och ?stadkommer med SALSS."
(Annika Falkengren, CEO, SEB)

"You and your oustanding and charming female powerteam have managed to organize again an impressive symposium. Your summit is truly playing a pivotal and unique role to integrate the players of the knowledge triangle and perfectly matching the need to mitigate a deficit we have in Europe in that regard in the biomedical arena.

Besides of its top-notch quality, you have been able to give the event with its social activities an almost Mediterranean touch of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being."
(Alexander von Gabain,Deputy Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Commercial Outreach, Karolinska Institutet)

"I have to say this one was my favorite [conference] of 2015. The caliber of people you brought to the table, the level of engagement (I did not see one i-phone interruption the majority of the time which is unheard of in conferences), and the team culture you brought to the conference from the formal sessions to the fun dinners and cruise made us all feel privileged to be a part of it. Thank you also for being a trendsetter and woman leader who has really made an impact on the life sciences industry. "
(Kristin Pothier, Head of Life Sciences,Parthenon-EY )

"Thanks very, very much for a wonderful SALSS in Stockholm last month. Congratulations on the very fine work that you and your team do on behalf of our bioscience community. Looking forward to our next meeting."
(Charles L. "Chuck" Dimmler III, Partner, Torreya Partners)

"What a program, wow, I feel educated on a new level! So many inspiring meetings, exciting discussions and new friends!
And thank you for giving me the honor to moderate such a great panel on Financing of early stage life science. Already looking forward to 2016."
(Eva Redhe Ridderstad, Chairman, Spago Nanomedical)

"I was, however, impressed (but not surprised) at the calibre of the people present, the presentations and indeed the overall structuring and organisation of the meeting."
(Andrew L. Greystoke, Managing Director, Pantheon Advisers)

"Thank you very much for having me at the summit, it was a great experience and I must say that I was very impressed by the program ,very 'a point' with Rosling and Emmanuelle C. Furthermore, I liked the informal interactions as well and I think the informal relaxing setting around it all makes the summit unique. I am impressed, in summa you should all feel happy about your creation!"
(Staffan Str?mberg, CEO, Infant Bacterial Therapeutics)

"Wow! What a great couple of days in Stockholm last week. Another successful SALSS with the best weather I've experienced here in a long time. I only wish I could have stayed for the entire 3 days."
(Matthew J. Meyer, Chief Business Officer, CareDx)

"Ett stort tack for en mycket v?lorganiserad 'konferens' under veckan. Intressanta f?rel?sningar som gav nya aff?rs uppslag samt m?jligheter till bra networking med s?v?l academia som investerare och aff?rskolleger. Jag ser framemot att fa deltaga n?sta ?r."
(Hans von Celsing, Chairman, CLS)

"K?ra Barbro,
Jag vill bara tacka dig f?r hur du behandlat mig under SALSS! Barbro du st?ttar verkligen. TACK."
(Sana Alajmovic, Co-founder & CEO, Sigrid Therapeutics)

    "?rets SALSS var b?de ett fyrverkeri inom Life Science och en symfoni f?r Life Science ?rets SALSS precis som alla SALSS skapade en milj? d?r alla kan bjuda p? sig sj?lva med gl?dje och humor utan att d?rmed falla ur ramen ?rets SALSS hade genomg?ende helt excellenta programpunkter som inte t?vlade med varandra utan fokuserade p? att bidra till helheten ?rets SALSS f?rmedlade ett djup, mening, inneb?rd och mognad p? ett fundamentalt plan som ?r innerligt att f? ta del av ?rets SALSS visade en stolthet och samtidigt en ?dmjukhet och v?rme som ?r mycket kl?dsamt

Vill tacka dig och alla i ditt team f?r ett underbart elfte SALSS."
(Nils Bohlin, Partner, Arthur D. Little)

"Tack f?r intressanta m?ten och samtal under f?rra veckan. En mycket sp?nnande blandning av personer. Hade kul ocks? rent privat. Skickligt ordnat av dig och kollegor!!"
(Olivia Wigzell, Director General, Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services)

Swedish American Life Science Summit 2016

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