Thank you all for making SALSS 2012 the best SALSS ever!

SALSS 2012 was a truly global event with a record number of international speakers and guests. The theme of the Summit was increasing globalization of the life science and healthcare industry and the importance of cross-border collaborations. Several specific topics were discussed in depth, especially the soaring problem of Diabetes and how the Digital Revolution will ultimately transform healthcare globally. SALSS 2012 also saw a record number of participating cutting edge companies. The Summit was brilliantly concluded by Dr. Tachi Yamada, former President of the Global Health Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Among his many words of wisdom, the following seemed to apply particularly to our Summit: "If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together."

The Keynote Speakers this year seem to agree that next year's theme should focus on The Global Aging Dilemma: New Frontiers in Aging. We will explore new life science technologies to enhance health span and decrease global healthcare delivery costs. Related topics will include stem cell therapies, telomeres, DNA repair, genetic modifiers and lifestyle intervention. I expect these topics to be of great interest to us all. In our continuing efforts to make SALSS more global, our coverage and focus next year will include South America, in particular Brazil, as an important emerging life science market. Mark your calenders for August 21- 23, 2013!

As always I welcome your input!

Warmest Regards,

Sign BE:

Barbro C. Ehnbom
Chairman & Founder,
Swedish-American Life Science Summit

SALSS 2013 is scheduled for August 21-23, 2013. In order to facilitate deeper, more meaningful and personal interactions, we deliberately keep the event small and as such would like you to secure your place at your earliest. Please contact Project Manager Sana Alajmovic at

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"Which global events in the first years of this century will appear in future textbooks of history? My first bet is a gradual change that came about without headlines. When I was born in 1948 we were less than one billion children in the world. Today there are almost two billion aged 0-15 years. The game-changing event in the first decade of this century was that the number of children stopped growing. Two-child families are now the norm for 80% of mankind. The fast population growth will be over and at that point only 10% of the 10 billion in the world will live in what was the West. Demographics are major changers of the market place."
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Impressions from SALSS 2012

Dear Barbro,
Many thanks for your kind note and for inviting me to SALSS. In my short time at the meeting I got a sense of what you have created and I congratulate you for this! All the best,
Dr. Tachi Yamada
CMSO, EVP & Board Member
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Barbro and Sana,
I'm sure you are getting lots of emails praising your 2012 SALSS and I just wanted to add mine to the chorus. I think it was superbly well planned and executed and I was happy to be a small part of it. The boat trip was real fun (and the weather cooperated) and the Friday morning session I was involved in seemed to go very well. You had a great audience, and I'm sure they all appreciated being a part of it. Thanks for including me and congratulations on a superb event!
Steven G. Burrill
Burrill & Company

Dear Ms. Barbro,
It was a wonderful Summit last week in Stockholm! Many thanks again for inviting me. I really got to know lots of new friends. And I did find some opportunities between parties. Hope we have the opportunity to host you and Sana in Shanghai, or meet together in the US soon.
Zhiping Cui
SVP & Head of International Investment
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group

Dearest Barbro and Team:
My warmest congratulations for an incredible conference! Knowing Barbro, I had already set rather high expectations, but those were exceeded significantly in terms of the content, the professionalism, the program itself, and also the networking time that was made so easy by the delightful people present in such beautiful surroundings. You really know how to put on a conference - many of our industry colleagues should take lessons from you! Thank you for a wonderful time - I came away having learned quite a lot, having met some new people, and most importantly, with a warmth in my heart, in no small way due to your wonderful hospitality and generous spirit. Looking forward to next year already! Warmest regards,
Paul Sekhri
Operating Partner and Head, Biotech Ops Group
TPG Biotech

Barbro, it is very clear that SALSS exists because of you and derives its energy from you. What a pleasure meeting you and experiencing the meeting first hand. My only regret is not having a chance to hear your son in concert! Best regards and thank you,
Dr. Alan Moses
Global Chief Medical Officer
Novo Nordisk

Dear Barbro and Sana,
To say that I enjoyed every second of my association with SALSS would be an understatement. To say "Thank You" somehow seems totally inadequate. SALSS will truly be etched in my memory for all time to come. As I also organize a major conference every year I came prepared to note down the deficiencies, which are part and parcel of every meeting, so that I could hopefully avoid them. Try as I might I could not document any. I am therefore disappointed! I do hope you will consider having a satellite meeting of SALSS in India, so that many, many more will benefit. Considering the leadership it was not surprising that your team was equally outstanding
Professor K. Ganapathy
Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation

Many thanks to you all! Very interesting group of people and sponsors. A great tribute to SALSS that it attracted such renowned speakers and attendees. Kudos all around. Hope to see you individually in the near future. Best,
William J Kridel Jr
Managing Director
Ferghana Partners

I really enjoyed the meeting, the panel and the social program - you and your team did a wonderful job - congratulations! With very best wishes,
Martin Fitchet
Janssen Research & Development

Dear Barbro,
I want to tell you how much I appreciate your inviting me to SALSS. You do magnificent work. I have attended many conferences and been an organizer of many of them and you do the best I have ever seen. The topic is spot on and how you treated me and the other guests was remarkable. You including me in the dinners and the events was fabulous. I was thrilled to be so honored. Hope to see you soon.
Dr. Florence Haseltine
Founder & NIH Emerita
Society for Women's Health Research

Kära Barbro och Team,
Vilken fantastisk succé! Ni gjorde alla ett otroligt jobb, och jag var sa imponerad av er professionella attityd och hur ni levererade över förväntningarna.Tack for att ni inkluderade mig, och for att ni fick mina gäster att hoppas på ytterligare ett år av SALSS!
Dr. Karin Hehenberger
Coronado Biosciences

Dearest Barbro,
One additional big success on your record. The 2012 SALSS was one of the best meetings to date. You managed to assemble a very impressive list of participants and selected excellent topics. Finally, I want to declare you as the "Queen of SALSS"!
Dr. Yuval Binur
Managing Partner
Orchestra Medical Partners

Dear Barbro, I hope you are well and relaxed after the weekend break. I just wanted to thank you again for a great conference last week and say how much I appreciate all the hard work to make it such a splendid event.
David C. Levinger
Aura Capital Partners

Barbro, Thank you so much for putting together such an organized, effective and fun meeting. You and your team of BBBs were fantastic. We met so many people who we have shared interests with, and who we hope to develop relationships with in the future. We look forward to attending next year!
Douglas Giampapa
Life Science Institute™

Hej Barbro,
Tack för två fantastiskt inspirerande dagar under SALSS! Förutom mycket intressanta föredrag och diskussioner på agendan, så träffade jag även så många otroligt inspirerande människor som gav nya tankar och idéer. SALSS har blivit en riktig think tank för nya perspektiv! Hoppas du är minst lika nöjd!
Susanna Francke Rodau
Therapeutic Area Manager
Pfizer Germany

Tack för inbjudan till SALSS 2012 och mycket roligt att vara med på mottagningen i onsdags och träffa många bekanta och nya ansikten. Det är som vanligt en imponerande samling människor som du lyckas få till Stockholm genom att erbjuda ännu ett fantastiskt SALSS. Det är lätt att förbise det hårda arbete som ligger bakom det galanta arrangemanget. Hoppas att du är nöjd med årets upplaga och att det leder till många ringar på vattnet. Soliga hälsningar,
Lars Östling
Senior Adviser
International Department
Ministry of Finance

Hej Barbro och Sana,
Gratulerar och tackar för ett fantastiskt SALSS 2012, nog den allra bästa konferens jag någonsin deltagit i, och det är ganska många nu!
Björn Segerblom
Overseas Representative
Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

Congratulations Barbro did an outstanding job and have created a special kind of no other ....based on your charm competence and motivating powers ...and I am pleased that you are getting the recognition you so rightly deserve!
Alen York
AVRA MIRO Design Center GmbH

Dear Barbro,
Mere words cannot begin to adequately express the gratitude I have for being included in the stirring , inspiring and riveting events orchestrated by you in Stockholm last week. I recognize now, in retrospect, that I was invited to participate in an annual celebration of "Life and Sciences" (Life Sciences), an eighth year anniversary party, for the health, welfare, happiness and edification of your extraordinary extended family. Laughter and learning were boon companions throughout, an Enlightenment Spirit which permeated both lecture halls and dining tables, being embodied by Barbro's ,"Best and Brightest," Their admiration and love for you is palpable, and their beauty, intellectual capacity and elegant generosity, reflected, like shards of a mirror, qualities manifest in you.
Timothy Moynahan
The Moynahan Law Firm

Hej Barbro,
Stort tack för ditt fantastiska arrangemang Swedish-American Life Science Summit 2012! Jag ser med glädje fram emot nästa års event.
Ylva Williams
Stockholm Science City Foundation

Bästa Barbro,
Oändligt stort tack för de fantastiska SALSS-dagarna. Bill var eld och lågor över vad han tyckte var det bästa SALSS-året. Vi båda knöt ovärderliga nya kontakter under de mest välordnade omständigheterna. Många visade stort intresse för ACCESS Sweden vilket var synnerligen glädjande. Vi tackar också för möjligheten att ställa ut som Rising Stars vilket resulterade i en hel drös med visitkort. Vidare var Sana verkligen en klippa och bemötte mig med en fantastisk allt-är-möjligt attityd vid varje förfrågan. Bästa hälsningar och med förhoppning om snart återseende,
Stéphanie Treschow
Country Manager
Access Health International

Hello Barbro,
As I prepare to board my flight home I think back on the splendid SALSS conference and all the new friends I've made, new knowledge I've gained and business opportunities opened. Thanks to you for being such a gracious host and excellent organizer. Kudos as well to Lena and all your staff, particularly the BBBs who I'm quite certain have fabulous careers in front of them. Kind regards. Till next year...
Robert L. Pakter
Founder & CEO

Barbro och Sana,
Stort tack för ett par fantastiska dagar med SALSS i förra veckan. Vilket toppmöte!! Jag upplevde det ännu en gång att folk var som lyriska. Programmet, talarna, gästerna, sponsorerna, besökarna, artisterna -WOW!! Bra jobbat ännu en gång!! Stor kram till er båda.
Ulrika Berglund
MedTech Magazine

Hej Sana och Barbro,
Tack för ett mycket givande och väl arrangerat möte. Bästa hälsningar.
Per Sköld
Vice President, Corporate Finance
Large Corporations & Institutions
Swedbank AB

Hej Barbro, Sana och Lena,
Tack för ett fantastisk bra möte! Väldigt bra organiserat med väldigt spännande gäster, talare och aktiviteter. Hoppas att se er nästa år igen!
Kristian Trygvason
BioLamina AB

Jag vill framföra ett stort tack för att jag fick delta på SALSS! Jag hade fantastiskt trevligt, knöt många värdefulla kontakter och fick också en hel del professionellt uträttat. Som du vet sliter jag mycket med frågan om vad som ska hända efter AstraZenecas nedläggning i Södertälje och dagarna på SALSS gav flera bra idéer och tillfälle till viktigt nätverkande. Du är fantastisk och betyder så mycket för Sverige! Jag hoppas att du nu får koppla av lite och tar till dig av all uppskattning som strömmar emot dig - alla jag talade med var entusiastiska över arrangemanget. Hoppas vi träffas snart igen i något sammanhang! Med de allra bästa hälsningar
Lars Leijonborg
Former Minister for Research, Sweden

Kära Barbro,
Låt mig så här lite mer officiellt framföra ett varmt tack för att jag fick delta i årets fantastiska SALSS. Jag har ju haft förmånen att få följa denna otroligt proffsiga och entusiastiska grupp av forskare, akademiker och entreprenörer under ett antal möten nu och det är en lika stor upplevelse varje gång. Även vi lekmän har mycket att hämta och att lära, så varje evenemang ger stor inspiration. Och hela SALSS är ditt verk, utan din drivkraft och energi, samt "NY-anda" hade detta storverk inte kunnat genomföras, nu äntligen också uppmärksammat av regering och myndigheter. Hoppas nu du kan tillåta dig att njuta av årets stora framgång innan du går vidare med nästa projekt. För mig har det blivit en kär tradition att återse "SALSS-familjen" varje år och jag vet att de själva också ser framemot nästa gång.
Många varma grattishälsningar
Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist
Svenskar i Världen(SVIV)/Swedes Abroad

Dear Sana and Barbro,
Thanks for a wonderful SALSS meeting sparking creativity with great conversations, content and entertainment. I agree with Churchill that "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - and you certainly give! Looking forward to next year's event! With great admiration and all the best to you and the team that made it happen,
Peter Wolpert
Moberg Derma

Dear Barbro, Sana, Cissi, Lena, Jonas and Anna-Sofia,
Many thanks for a great event! I am sorry I could not attend on Thursday but enjoyed the reception and the Friday program a lot. Warmest regards,
Elisabeth Eklund
Advokatfirman Delphi


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