Swedish American Life Science Summit 2014!

SALSS 2014

Stockholm, August 20-22


Advancing Medicine through Exponential Growth of Science
Predicting the Future through History
Aging and Regenerative Research Driving the Future of Medicine
Life Science on Wall Street.

We are delighted to invite you to our 10 Year Anniversary and very proud to gather some of the most prominent speakers in the Life Science Industry today!

Nobel Laureate Dr. Peter C. Agre, Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Jay D. Keasling, Professor, UC Berkeley & CEO, Joint BioEnergy Institute
Dr. Brian K. Kennedy, CEO, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Professor Hans Wigzell, Professor Emeritus, Karolinska Institutet
Mr. Frederick Frank, Legendary Biotech Investment Banker
Dr. Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT
Dr. Alan I. Leshner, CEO, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Dr. Daniel Kraft, Medicine & Neuroscience Chair, Singularity University
Dr. William A. Haseltine, Founder & Chairman, ACCESS Health International
Dr. Martin Ingvar, Chairman, Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare
Dr. Andrew Hessel, Futurist, Distinguished Researcher, Autodesk
Dr. Jan M. Lundberg, President, Lilly Research Laboratories & EVP, Science and Technology, Eli Lilly
Dr. Ronald A. DePinho, CEO, MD Anderson Center
Dr. Stefan Larsson, Sr. Partner & Managing Director, BCG
Dr. Florence P. Haseltine, Founder, Society for Women's Health Research
Mr. Paul J. Sekhri, Global Business Development, CSO & Group EVP, TEVA
Dr. Pranela Rameshwar, Professor, New Jersey Medical School
Dr. Eckhard Alt, Chairman, InGeneron

A formal invitation will follow.

Sign BE:

Barbro C. Ehnbom
Chairman & Founder,
Swedish-American Life Science Summit

In order to facilitate deeper, more meaningful and personal interactions, we deliberately keep the event small and as such would like you to secure your place at your earliest. Please contact Executive Director Veronica Råberg-Schrello at veronica@salss.com

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