SALSS 2021

SALSS 2021

"Perhaps the best SALSS ever"
October 20-22, 2021

Stockholm, Sweden

Focus 2021 was Cell and Gene Therapy and a crucial discussion on the Worldwide Pandemic

Together with some of the most prominent speakers and executives in the global Life Science industry, The Swedish-American Life Science Summit 2021 once again went beyond all expectations.


Dear SALSS Family,
When I started in the US pharmaceutical industry years ago, I often experienced it as rather callous and driven by profit chasing and growth, although I loved the people from the beginning. R&D spending at that time lingered perhaps around 2-3%. Then we heard about this crazy Swedish company called Pharmacia, which spent like 3 times as much. ¨Go see if we can buy it¨ said my president. I went to Sweden and talked to them, we did not buy them, but I kept in touch with the company, and I think from there on my respect and loyalty bridged the Atlantic.

The last 20 years has also changed my experience of the industry, not only have I had the fortune to meet so many brilliant and goodhearted people who truly want to improve people's lives. With the expansion of Life Science into a worldwide segmented industry, and particularly following the financial crisis 2008, our own summit became more International with attendees from India, China, Singapore, Brazil etc, while all-along retaining a close-knit spirit based on knowledge and respect.

The concept `SALSS Family` has been born out of this feeling and makes me happy and proud! The onslaught of the pandemic over the last one and a half year has certainly humbled and scared us all but also unified us and strengthen our belief in science. I am so thankful that we actually could have this summit and thank you all for helping making it happen!


Barbro C. Ehnbom signature
Barbro C. Ehnbom
Founder & Chairman
Swedish-American Life Science Summit

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Impressions from SALSS 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed coming to Stockholm to participate in your meeting and hope I contributed.
The panel discussions with the young companies were really interesting. One company going for products that were not highly regulated and another creating products in a highly regulated space. The discussion could not have been more enlightening.
The ability to interact with colleague of many years duration was an added bonus.
Florence Haseltine
Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Dear SALSS colleagues. Thank you for welcoming us into your charming family.
What a tremendous event. It was great to be able to meet so many of the top thinkers and practitioners of Swedish life science in one place. A wonderful forum in such a convivial environment where dissertation, discussion, and debate, as if like a microbiologist´s agar plate, could not only co-exist but flourish.
We thoroughly enjoyed the format and content and of course the wonderful Swedish hospitality.
Best wishes
Mark Goldstone

"Samtalen, presentationerna, line-up, nerven i flera diskussioner och den härliga inramningen som andas Barbro med lekfulla artister och female power överallt gör SALSS väldigt inspirerande!
Hur unikt är det inte att få vara så få och deltaga i samtalet mellan Bill Haseltine, Anders Tegnell och övriga om den frågan som är mest central för miljarder månniskor. Hatten av Barbro.
Stort tack för inbjudan och ditt samt teamets engagemang. Stay cool!"
Jesper, CEO Symcel

"Hej kära Barbro, ett senkommet men hjärtligt tack för senast! Du är verkligen enastående som kan få ihop en sådan intressant och stimulerande grupp personer - och så snart efter pandemin dessutom! Alla delar av SALSS-programmet var enormt intressanta och panelerna var bland de bästa jag har sett. Härligt med inledningsmiddagen i stadshuset och väldigt god mat och trevligt sällskap. Sedan blir det ju alltid en helt fantastisk stämning och värme under din taktpinne.
You are the best! "
Helen Waxberg, Waxberg Law

"Jag är så imponerad och hoppas att du känner dig nöjd efter allt hårt slit. Så spännande personer du samlat och så väldigt intressanta samtal du organiserat. Särskilt roligt vara att se de hela tiden pågående samtalen mellan olika deltagare. Investerarna flockades kring de nya bolagen."
Annika Rembe, former Swedish Consul General in New York

"Well done yet again for a fantastic few days - great working with you as ever."
David C. Levinger, CEO Aura Capital Partners

"Yeees! You made all the right decisions regarding timing around the pandemic. Congratulations!"
Thomas Sakmar, Professor Rockefeller University and KI

"Vilket jättefint möte SALSS 2021 blev. Hela mötet o arrangemanget var toppen o jag hörde också så många positiva kommentarer."
Gunilla Osswald, CEO BioArctic

Dear SALSS attendee,
The Swedish-American Life Science Summit (SALSS) is one of the most enjoyable, stimulating and interesting scientific business meetings in the world. This meeting began with the incredible foresight of Barbro Ehnbom, a visionary scientific entrepreneur and a true force of nature. The speakers at the Summit include some of the world´s top scientists including Nobel laureates, Heads of Research at the world´s largest pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, and leading scientists and entrepreneurs from both the U.S. and Europe.

The conference also displays presentations from a number of companies as well as from rising young star scientists and entrepreneurs. And one of the wonderful things about this conference is the great food, amazing music and a fantastic dinner cruise boat ride, that creates an unprecedented setting for building networks and long-term friendships.

This year, perhaps more than ever, the ongoing Pandemic and its current and coming imprints on the industry and human lives will be explored. There is an incredible amount of scientific research going into new diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines and medical devices that have been crucial to combating this pandemic. This, put in the frame of the essence of SALSS - enhancing networking and bridging Swedish-U.S. exchanges in terms of interaction between academia, industry, politics and financing - will hopefully lead to new ideas, collaborations and acquaintances as it has many times in the past.

This year there will be scientific lectures, panels with leading experts and investors, company presentations discussing topics ranging from what we´ve learned about Covid-19 to how Covid-19 has transformed the future of medicine to how col- laborations led to the New vaccines. And there will also be many other exciting presentations from investors, patients and scientists. What a wonderful conference SALSS is and will continue to be. I look forward to following Barbro and her amazing team and SALSS and it´s great, and continued, success.

Dr. Robert Langer
David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT

Letter from Dr. Charles F. Ferris

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