Evening of June 13, 2007
Nobelgatan 2, Stockholm

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Welcoming Reception
The residence of U.S. Ambassador to Sweden,
H.E. Michael M. Wood
Host: Stephen Noble, Deputy Chief of Mission
Welcoming remarks
Barbro C. Ehnbom,
Chairman, Swedish-American Life Science Summit

Please do not forget to bring your ID-cards!

Gold Sponsor dinner
at Kaupthing Bank

Program June 14, 2007
Jakobsbergsgatan 24, Stockholm (Ernst & Young building)

8:30 am


9:00 am

Setting the stage
Moderator, Udayan Gupta,
WSJ Journalist and Author

9:10 am

Introductory welcoming remarks
Filippa Reinfeldt,
Health Care Commisioner, Stockholm County Council

9:20 am

Keynote address
David Brennan,
CEO, AstraZeneca

9:50 am

Biotech innovation climate - now and in the future
Niklas Prager,
CEO, Pfizer AB

10:10 am


10:25 am

The big pharma challenge

Moderator: Navroze Alphonse,
Managing Partner, Pequot Capital
Dr. Pascale Richetta,
Head of European Business Development Team,
Abbott Laboratories

Nobel Laureate Arvid Carlsson,
Professor Emeritus, Göteborg University
Dr. Johnson Lau,
Senior Advisor, Novartis
Dr. David Naveh,
Chairman, Philogene; Advisor, Teva Pharmaceutical
Peter Utterström,
Partner, Delphi & Co

Elisabeth Legnerfält,
Senior Associate, Delphi & Co

11.40 am

Coffee break

12:00 pm

Company panel presentation – “Proteomics”
Commentary: Professor Mathias Uhlén,
Royal Institute of Technology
Presenting companies:
Atlas Antibodies, Dr. Marianne Hansson, CEO 
Affibody, Dr. Lars Abrahmsén, CSO

1:00 pm

Welcome: Torsten Lyth,
CEO, Ernst & Young AB

2.30 pm

The state of big pharma :
How we got here and where is here?

Frederick Frank,
Vice Chairman, Lehman Brothers

3:15 pm


3:30 pm

Alternative financing, what works in this environment?

Moderator: Udayan Gupta,
WSJ Journalist & Author
Les Clifford,
Life Science Practice, Ernst & Young
J. Jay Lobell,
President, Paramount BioCapital
Dr. Eugen Steiner,
Partner, HealthCap
Dr. Francesco De Rubertis,
General Partner, Index Ventures
William Gedale,
Managing General Partner, NGN Capital

4:45 pm

Concluding remarks by moderator

7.30 - 10:30 pm

Dinner Cruise sponsored by Kaupthing Bank
Host & Speaker: Robert Charpentier,
CEO, Kaupthing Bank Sverige AB

Program June 15, 2007
Jakobsbergsgatan 24, Stockholm (Ernst & Young building)

8:30 am

Coffee reception

9:00 am

Synthetic biology - a new frontier for medicine and the environment
Dr. William Haseltine,
Chairman, Haseltine Global Health

9:20 am

Success stories, what works in the US and Sweden respectively?

Moderator: Dr. Yuval Binur,
Managing General Partner, Accelerated Technologies
Mohammed Homman,
CEO, Vironova
Hans Dahlin,
CEO, ONCOlog Medical
Lars Hellerung Christiansen,
Director Business Development, Prosidion
Ingemar Lagerlöf,
CEO, LinkMed AB

10:35 am

Coffee break

10:50 am

Company panel presentation - "CNS-diseases"
Presenting companies:
Intra-Cellular Therapies, Dr. Sharon Mates, CEO
Biovitrum, Dr. Martin Nicklasson, CEO
Neuronova, Dr. Anders Haegerstrand, CSO

12:00 am

Private equity in the medtech field. 
The Dako and Hemocue examples.

Thomas von Koch,
Senior Partner, EQT

12.25 pm

Final Remarks - Moderator

1:00 pm

Luncheon at Operakällaren (the Terrace)
Address: Operahuset, Karl XII:s torg, Stockholm
Keynote speaker: Jacob Wallenberg,
Chairman, Investor AB

Concluding remarks: Professor Jesper Tegnér,
CSO, Clinical Gene Networks

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