Evening of August 19, 2009 Nobelgatan 2, Stockholm

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Welcoming Reception
The residence of H.E. the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden
Hosted by Chargé d’Affaires Robert J. Silverman

Welcoming remarks
by Ms Barbro C. Ehnbom, Chairman SALSS

7:30 pm

Gold Sponsor Dinner
Danske Bank at Delphi Headquarters

Program August 20, 2009

8:30 am


9:00 am

Setting the stage
Udayan Gupta,
Journalist and Author

9:10 am

Introductory welcoming remarks
Princess Christina Mrs. Magnuson

9:20 am

Keynote address
The Honourable Congresswoman Diana DeGette,
U.S. House of Representatives D-CO

9:50 am

Panel: Financing alternatives
Moderator: Dr. William Haseltine, Founder, Human Genome Sciences
Dr. Yuval Binur, Managing General Partner & Founder, Accelerated Technologies Partners
Dr. Eugen Steiner, Partner, HealthCap
Dr. Julie Muraco, President, Praeditis Group LLC
Hĺkan Bonander, Senior Vice president, ALMI Företagspartner AB Stockholm

11:00 am


11:15 am

Company Presentations
NeuvroNova AB
CellaVision AB
Vitrolife AB

12:15 pm

Hosted by Mr. Jan Birgerson, Managing Director Ernst & Young
Luncheon Speaker: Mr. John-Michael Lind, Founder & CEO, Strategic Partners Group of Companies
Social Impact Investing in the Life Sciences

1.45 pm

Keynote Speaker: Big Pharma: The Way Forward
Dr. Anders Ekblom, Executive Vice President, AstraZeneca

2:10 pm

Panel: Opportunities and threats for Biotechs and other innovative Life Science companies as Big Pharma strategy and operational model changes
Moderator: Dr. Stefan Larsson, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
William Gedale, Senior Advisor, NGN Capital
Dr. Peter Sjöstrand, Chairman, Gambro AB
Dr. Jordan Schreiber, Principal, Princeton Capital Management
Dr. Anders Ekblom, Executive Vice President, AstraZeneca

3:15 pm

Break and Company Presentations
LinkMed AB
BioVitrum AB
Bionovo Inc

4:00 pm

Biotech Beyond Borders 2009
Scott Sarazen, Global Life Sciences Markets Leader, Ernst & Young, LLP

4:20 pm

Concluding remarks by Moderator

4:30 pm

Back to hotel

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Discovery session: Presentations by Selected Life Science Companies
The Boston Consulting Group Headquarters, Skeppsbron 38
BrainWorks Applied
Cell Therapy Ltd
Picovitro AB
Promosome, LLC
Prozeo Vascular Implant AB
Recopharma AB

7:30 - 10:30 pm

Dinner Cruise M/S Riddarholmen Hosted by The Boston Consulting Group. Departure from BCG offices.

Program August 21, 2009 at Kung Carl Hotel
BirgerJarlsgatan, at Stureplan Conference Center

8:30 am

Coffee Reception

9:00 am

Pandemics in a truly globalized environment
Professor Hans Wigzell,
Chairman, Karolinska Development

9:20 am

Democratizing Life Science Data
Professor Mathias Uhlén,
Initiator of The Swedish Human Protein Atlas

9:40 am

Panel Bio-Networking
Moderator: Udayan Gupta
Dr. Peter Frishauf, Founder, Medscape
Dr. Jesper Tegnér, CSO & Professor, Karolinska Institutet
Dr. Stephen Friend, Founder & CEO, Sage Bionetworks
Dr. Andrew Hessel, Founding Director, Pink Army Cooperative

10:45 am

Break and Company Presentations
Affibody Holding AB
Diamyd Medical AB
Novozymes A/S

11:30 am

Special Guest speaker
Scientist of the Year USA, Jay Keasling, Professor University of California at Berkeley,
“The One Billion Dollar Bio Energy Man”

12:00 pm

Final Remarks by Moderator

12:30 pm

Concluding Luncheon at the Tessin Palace
Hosted by Per Unckel, Country Governor of Stockholm

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