Evening of August 16th, 2006

5:30 - 7:00 pm

Welcoming Reception
The residence of
H.E. U.S. Ambassador Michael M. Wood
Nobelgatan 2, Stockholm.
Welcoming remarks
Ms Barbro C. Ehnbom,
Chairman SALSS

Program August 17th, 2006 at Kreab, Floragatan 13, Stockholm

8:30 am


9:00 am

Setting the stage Moderator, Udayan Gupta,
WSJ Journalist and Author
View biografy about Udayan Gupta »

9:10 am

Introductory remarks
Kerstin Eliasson,
State Secretary, Ministry of Education, Research and Culture

9:30 am

Keynote address
Dr. William Haseltine,
Chairman, Haseltine Global Health;
Founder, Human Genome Sciences

10:00 am


10:10 am

From research to business - Success stories

Moderator: Udayan Gupta
Some Swedish Case Studies
Professor Mathias Uhlén,
Royal Institute of Technology
Perspective - Institute of Higher Learning

Professor Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson,
President, Karolinska Institute
The Accelerated Growth Perspective
Dr. Yuval Binur,
General Partner, Accelerated Technologies
From Bench to Profit
Cynthia Ekberg Tsai,
Managing Director, Madelin Fund, MD Andersonbr /> Venture Capital Perspective
Dr. Eugen Steiner,
Partner, HealthCap

12.10 am


12:30 pm

The Swedish landscape – Company presentations
In separate presentation rooms: Affibody, BioGaia, Swedish Orphan

1:00 pm

Welcome: Charlotte Erkhammar,
CEO, Kreab Group
Lunch speaker: Tony Svensson,
Director ISA, New York

2.30 pm

Delivering Growth Through Successful M&A
John T. Humphreys,
Principal, Bank of America

3:00 pm

A Swedish Success Story
Dr. Laurent Leksell,
Director, Elekta
View article from InVivo »

3.30 pm


4:00 pm

Internationalization –
Success Stories

Moderator: William Gedale,
Managing Partner, NGN BioMed, L.P.
Biacore GE Strategy
Peter Ehrenheim,
CEO, GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences
I.P. Perspective
Peter Utterström,
Delphi & Co.
Perspective from Down Under
Professor Vicki Sara,
Chair, Australian Stem Cell Center
Analyst's Perspective, the Life Science Market in Scandinavia
Benjamin Nordin,
Head Analyst, Kaupthing bank
Equity into Early Stage
J. Jay Lobell,
President, Paramount BioSciences

5.30 pm

Concluding remarks by moderator

7.30 - 10:30 pm

Dinner Cruise around Stockholm

Program August 18th, 2006, Kreab, Floragatan 13 Stockholm

8:30 am

Coffee reception

8:45 am

Keynote speaker
Professor Hans Wigzell,
Scientific Advisor to the Swedish Government

9.15 am

The Swedish landscape –
Company Presentations

Biolipox, LinkMed, Neuronova

9:45 am

This years topic - Life Science and the Developing World, from Bird Flu and the vaccines to the market potential in India and China

Moderator: Udayan Gupta

Special Appearance
What's going on in Washington

Senator Larry L. Pressler (Ret.)
Big corporate perspective

Niklas Prager,
CEO, Pfizer Sweden
The Investors Persepective
Mikael Brönnegård,
Director, HealthCare, InnKap
Investing in China through the U.S. public markets
Dr. Robin L. Smith,
CEO and Chairman, Phase 3 Medical / NeoStem
Global Overview
Staffan Folin,
Partner, Ernst & Young
From antiterrorism to cancer
Dr. Michael Fonstein,
President, Cleveland BioLabs

11.20 am


11.30 am

Company presentations
In separate presentation rooms:
Bionovo (U.S.), Medivir, NeoStem (U.S.)

12.00 pm

Final Remarks - Moderator

1:00 pm

Lunch at Grand Hôtel
Hosted by Kaupthing Bank

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